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Over 20 years of experience in computer repair in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas. We also have high quality, cheap laptops and computers ready for you today!!!

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High-Quality Refurbishes

Here at CompAtlanta, We have the knowledge and resources to sell top of the line systems at an affordable rate.  With updated OS installations, upgraded RAM and HDD hardware, and even software to safely protect your PC, we are sure to have quality products that you can buy with ease

We'll Come To You

We realize not every customer can throw they're laptop in the car and head to the repair shop.  Businesses with networking issues cannot exactly load up a collection of 20+ computers to take to get repaired.  Well no more worries.. We'll come to you and diagnose, repair, and save you the hassle, all within a timely, and professional manner, to get you back up and running

Quick, Easy, & Affordable Repairs

Whether it be slow running computers, malware and viruses, power issues, broken screens, internet connectivity issues, or any of the many possible problems that could occur with a computer, laptop, or tablet, We got you covered.. We go above and beyond to get your device repaired the quickest, and cheapest way possible without sacrificing quality..  We stand by our work for you..

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